Il Mondo di Damarete

Socio-cultural Association

Inspired by the work of Queen Damarete the association intends to play a role in promoting, encouraging and socio claim - cultural towards Citizenship, the National Parliament, regional and local Institutions.

Damarete, daughter of Terone of Agrigento and wife of Gelone of Syracuse, as we handed Diodoro Siculo, is one of the most significant female characters of Greek history in Sicily. She had a very important role in the peace of Imera (480 ac)getting Carthaginian people, defeated,to renounce the human sacrifices, especially children, to their gods. On the gift of a golden crown weighing one hundred talents, she coined the currency "Demareteion" and made it a gift to the people.

Animated by this example of great civilizations, the association aims to promote all aspects of the socio-cultural realities Sicilian from ancient times to today, and the countries around the Mediterranean, creating events, seminars and all moments of aggregation aimed to a deeper understanding of social issues and initiatives for the preservation of culture,development and the safeguard of rights.

In particular, intends to give appropriate recognition to all those women who, with their sacrifice and quietly victims of a "guilty silence" have made and continue to make the history.

Other our aspiration is to make visible, especially to the younger generation, the truer picture of the great traditions of Southern Italy, especially Sicily, which is undisputed example of peaceful coexistence of different peoples to culture, traditions and religion. Contributing mainly to the construction of the important role in that sense, and not only that,it can and should take on as a  country in the centre of the Mediterranean area, "bridge" between East and West.


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" ARAB POETS OF SICILY " ... nostalgia for homeland
Rome, 2012 October 16th h. 4pm - Capitolium, Capitoline Museum
- S. Pietro da Cortona -


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